Victoria in Mahe Island – Seychelles

Mahe is the biggest island in the island country of Seychelles. Victoria in Mahe Island – Seychelles is its capital city, which in turn, is one the smallest capital cities all across the globe.


Victoria in Mahe Island – Seychelles is located on the north-east section of Mahe.

Getting There

Flying in to Victoria in Mahe Island – Seychelles is via the Seychelles International Airport. From the airport, you can take a taxi to get to the city centre or to your accommodations.

To get around the city, there are buses and taxis that you can take. Bicycles are also popular for going around the city and tourists can rent these out at several rental shops around Victoria.

What to See and Do

Although Victoria in Mahe Island – Seychelles is a relatively small city, there are quite a few interesting spots that you can check out, often depicting part of the city’s as well as the island’s history.

Landmarks in the city include a clock tower which is made in a style similar to London’s Clock Tower. Historical buildings include the Courthouse and the Postal Office. Both these structures remained unchanged since the colonial period.

You can also visit the Natural History Museum where you can see various exhibits on the wildlife found in the island nation of Seychelles. There is also the Victoria Botanical Gardens and the National Museum of History.

If you wish buy some of the city’s local produce and fresh catches of the day; you can visit the morning market where you can buy these items at bargain prices.

There are several restaurants and clubs in Victoria in Mahe Island – Seychelles that can check out while visiting the city to sample local dishes and the city’s popular drinks.

Brief History

Victoria in Mahe Island – Seychelles is also known as Port Victoria. The first known settlers in the city are the French who came to the city in the year 1778. It later became a British colony upon which it was named after Queen Victoria.

Victoria serves a major port in Seychelles and its main export products are coconut and coconut oil, vanilla, soap and tortoise shell.


Typically, entry fees to clubs are 75 up to 100 Seychelles Rupees. For accommodations, there are hotels around the city and rooms can range from US$200 up to US$250 per room, per night.

Entry fee to the Natural History Museum as well as the National Museum of History is 15 Seychelles Rupees each.

Other Information

If you are planning to visit one of the clubs in Victoria in Mahe Island – Seychelles, there is a dress code that is strictly implemented. Men especially, are required to wear long pants and shoes.