Vienna – Austria

There are several tourist attractions in Vienna, from the classical to the modern. To this day, it remains one of the top travel destinations in the world.

Location and How to Get There

The Vienna International Airport is just on the outer city limits. Several international airlines fly direct to the city. To date though, only Austrian Airlines has direct flights to the Americas. If you are coming from the Czech Republic, Hungary or Slovakia, there are train services available.

What to See

Museums are among the most popular attractions, the most wekk known being the Artists House, Atelier Augarten and the Kunsthalle. Several religious temples and churches can be visited, including the Vienna Chapel and the Cavalry Chapel.

If you visit during the carnival season, try attending one of the balls at City Hall or Hofburg. The Vienna City Council has more info about the balls.

Canal and river tours are also popular tourist attractions in Vienna. The summer is also known for its open-air-film festivals. The ImPulsTanz Festival showcases modern dance and arts.


Evidence shows that the area around Vienna has been inhabited since the Paleolithic age. However, the recorded history of the city began in the 1st century CE. The city was called Vindobona and was built by Rome for defense purposes. Remains of this ancient fortress can still be seen today.

For hundreds of years, the Habsburg court was held in the city. It would eventually become the center of power of the Austrian Empire. From the time of the Holy Roman Empire to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the city would become very important.


The cost of traveling in the city without a ticket is 70 Euros. A single trip ticket costs 1.80 Euros. The shopping tickets cost 4.60 Euros and the 24 hour tickets cost 5.70 Euros.

The monthly ticket is 49.50. Those who are staying in the area for several days might want to consider buying the Vienna Card (17.50 Euros). This will give you discounts when going to museums and shops.

Other Info

The airport has duty free shopping, and there are dozens of shops there. You can also shop at any of the 21 outdoor markets. These are open everyday, and the products range from the very cheap to the luxurious. There are also scores of restaurants, bars and eateries.

The coffee houses are also among the main tourist attractions in Vienna. Some of them are Kleiner Schwarzer, Kaffee Verkehrt, Verlangerter and Kleiner Brauner.