Volta – Ghana

Volta – Ghana is a picturesque region in the country where rolling hills, lush greeneries and mountains greet guests upon entry into the region. Where most of Ghana is flat, Volta is the exact opposite.


Volta – Ghana is situated on the easternmost parts of the country, bordered by the Republic of Togo. It is approximately one hundred and sixty-five kilometers off the country’s capital city of Accra.

Volta is flanked by Lake Volta and Volta River.

Getting There

Flying in to Ghana is via the Kotoka International Airport located in Accra. From the airport, there are shuttle services as well as taxis that can take you straight to the city centre.

From the city centre, you can take a bus going to the region of Volta – Ghana. Buses are actually the fastest and most comfortable way of reaching the region.

Another option is to take a tro-tro but this could be quite uncomfortable as this is like your typical old VW minivan and is usually crammed with passengers, livestock and fresh produce.

Tro-tros leave only when they are full already so they do not run on a fixed schedule and you will have to wait it out until it is ready to leave.

What to See

Volta – Ghana offers guests plenty of opportunities to explore nature’s most magnificent sights and scenes.

Check out Avatime Hills where you can take in the fresh air, cooler temperatures and a magnificent view of Lake Volta, the largest man-made lake in the continent.

Close to Avatime Hills is a village known as Tafi Monkey Village, a monkey sanctuary considered as sacred and as such it is against the law to cause any harm towards these animals.

Further on is the Wli Falls, the highest waterfalls in the country. Reaching the spot is already an adventure in itself as you will have to pass through a number of bridges made of wood and along the way, you will see thousands upon thousands of bats hanging by the cliffs.

Limestone grottos as well as caves are also a sight to behold in the region. Festivals are likewise a must-see when visiting Volta – Ghana.

The most popular of which is the Hogbetsotso Festival celebrating the migration of the people into the region. Festive dances are part of the celebration.

Brief History

Volta – Ghana was established with the merging of the British Togoland with the southeastern section of the Gold Coast. It was governed by the British as a significant division of the Gold Coast and was formerly called Trans Volta Togoland.

Through an electoral procedure that took place some time in May of 1956, it was decided that the Volta region finally be a part of Ghana.

The main sources of income for the people of Volta – Ghana are via fishing and farming.


Accommodations for your trip to Volta – Ghana are usually within the region’s capital city of Ho. You will find that hotels and guesthouses here provide very affordable rooms, usually ranging from $15 to $25 per person, per night.

For more luxurious accommodations, you can check out 3-star hotels in nearby Accra. Prices here range from $160 up to $380 per room, per night.

Other Information

The most ideal time to visit Volta – Ghana is during the months of December through April as this is just after the wet season.