Vrsac Mountains in Vrsac – Serbia

A Vrsac Mountains tour is an experience you will never forget. Also known as the Vrsa Hill, it is one of the more impressive peaks you will see around Serbia.


The mountains can be found near the Vrsac. It is at the Vojvodina province in Serbia. Portions of the mountain are located in Romania.

What to See

The mountains are a distinct massif. It spans an area of 170 sq km and is 19 km long. Of the 170 sq km, 122 are Serbian territory. The shape of the mountain is similar to an arch. The mass of the mountain occupies the middle position. Extending to the north and south are the hills.

There are four clear shapes that can be seen. The Fox Head has three peaks: the Lower Vrsisor 463m, the Vrsac Peak 590m and Gudurica peak at 641m. Between these are the rifts of the Vrsac Mountains. These include Dakov vrh (449m) and Turska glava (402m).


One of the most popular features of the mountain is the Tower of Vrsac. The tower dates back to the 15th century. There are many theories regarding how this fortress came about.

A Turkish traveler named Evliya Celebi said the complex was constructed by Ðurad Brankovic. This may have taken place after Smederevo fell in 1439. The proponents of this theory point to the similarity between the fortress and the one at Smederevo.

The other theory states the fortress is actually the ruins of a medieval castle called Erdesumulu. There was a town called Erdesumulu that existed back in 1227. A monastery was established there sometime between 1230 and 1240.

When the Ottomans took over in 1552, they took control of the fortress. By 1590/91, a garrison had been established. Today, the tower holds a spectacular vista of the area. From here, you can see as far as Romania, making it a popular destination.


Guided tours of Serbia have different prices. Generally, a 5 hour tour will cost around 80 to 100 USD per person. A longer tour will cost over a hundred. Group tours cost about 300 USD.

Other Info

There are 120 types of birds around the mountains, one of the most diverse in all of Serbia. Aside from birds, there are also wolves, wild boars, deer, red fox and grey fox seen in the area.

The Vrsac Mountains are a favorite among rock climbers. The various rifts provide a challenge even for the seasoned climbers.