Vyudubychi Monastery in Kiev – Ukraine

The Vydubychi Monastery is one of the best known historical spots in Ukraine. Since the monastery was built, it has served as the resting place of several prominent individuals.


The monastery can be found in Kiev, the cpaital of Ukraine.

What to See

The monastery is best known for being the burial site of Konstantin Ushinsky and Vladimir Alekseyevich Betz. Visitors to the monastery will also see many cathedrals, the most notable being Saint George Cathedral. The cathedral is known for its baroque architecture and art, which are some of the best in the country.

If you visit the Vydubychi Monastery with a guide, you will be told that several fine scholars stayed there. Another one of the fine attractions is the Collegiate Church of Saint Michael.

Other prominent people who are buried there include Y. Handzyuk, Commander of the First Ukrainian Corps (1918), and Lev Mikhailovich Yashvil (1768–1836), a general during the Napoleonic Wars.


The monastery was built sometime between 1070 and 1077. It was built at the request of Vsevolod, offspring of Yaroslav the Wise. The name of the monastery was taken from a legend about Grand Prince Vladimir the Great of Kiev and the pagan thunder deity Perun.

According to the story, Vladimir decreed that all figures of Perun thrown into the River Dnieper after his baptism. While the citizens accepted the baptism, they came to the river and begged the old gods to come back up. They did, giving the monastery its present name; Vydubychi means “emerging from water”.

During its time, the monastery had a ferry running along the Dnieper River. Writers and scholars would stay at the monastery. They would make great contributions to Ukrainian literature.

In 1596 the monastery became the seat of the Greek Catholic Church in Ukraine. As the centuries went by, the monastery would come under the protection of aristocratic families. Today, it is one of the main tourist spots in Ukraine.


The cost of a decent hotel in the city is around 50 to 75 USD. If you are renting a car, a gallon of gas costs 3 to 4 USD.

Other Info

The monastery has been managed by different groups. Beginning in the late 1990s up to today, it is being operated by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate.

If you are going to visit the Vydubychi Monastery in Kiev, you will not just get a chance to marvel at the art and architecture of the cathedral, but also get insights into the important Ukrainian historical figures.