Water Sports and Cruises – Qatar

Qatar water sports and cruises are among the most exciting activities you can do when in this beautiful country. This only goes to show there is more to the Middle East than just the desert.


Three sides of the peninsula are covered by the waters of the Arabian Gulf. These are the spots where water sports activities take place.

What to See

Two man made reefs have been created, allowing for an exquisite diving experience. Aside from diving, visitors can also try sailing. More adventurous types can also go for windsurfing.

One of the more popular activities is embarking on a sunset cruise by the Doha Bay. The view of Doha during the evenings is spectacular. Aside from the Qatar water sports and cruises, you can also go kayaking. You can also try parasailing and surfing.


The land that makes up Qatar has been the home of several tribes and ancient people. The middle of the 1800s saw the area fall under the control of the Al Khalifa family of Bahrain. Bahrain’s control of the area was relinquished in 1868. That year the Qatari sheikhs requested the UK to negotiate the end of the Bahrain rule.

The Ottoman Empire ruled the country beginning in 1872. The Ottoman rule ended in the second year of World War I. In 1940, top quality oil was uncovered in the country. Management of the oil began in 1949. The next two decades saw oil revenues go up quickly. This would boost the GDP of the country.

Qatar formally became an independent state in 1971. Today, the country is one of the most prosperous in the Middle East. Oil is still the most important source of revenue of the nation to this day. Oil reserves have been estimated at 15 billion barrels.


Cruise tours can be half day or full day. The cost will be at least 50 USD. There are also yachts and jet skis for rent. The prices will vary.

Other Info

One of the most popular locations is Palm Tree Island. It is known for its swimming pools and the beaches. There are also several hotels nearby. Even if you are not experienced in water sports, there are many guides available.

Qatar water sports and cruises are quickly becoming one of the top tourist attractions in the country. Whether you have been to Qatar several times or for the first time, these activities are something you will want to try.