Water Sports – Uruguay

Uruguay, also known as The Oriental Republic of Uruguay and the Eastern Republic of Uruguay is considered as one the greenest countries all across the globe as well as one the most livable countries worldwide.

It enjoys mostly sunny weather all throughout the year and is popular for its magnificent beaches. As such, water sports – Uruguay is very popular among tourists visiting the country.


Uruguay is situated off the southeast regions of South America bordered by Brazil on its northern side and Argentina on its western section.

Getting There

Flying in to Uruguay is via the Carrasco International Airport located in the country’s capital city of Montevideo. Several international flights from various countries across the globe fly in and out of the airport on a regular basis.

There are likewise bus services from several parts of Argentina, as well as Brazil, Paraguay and Chile that have regular routes going to Uruguay.

Ferry services are another option for getting in to Uruguay. There are ferry rides from Argentina that dock at ports in the country.

To reach Uruguay’s beaches, there are bus services that provide local transportation to various parts of the country.

What to See and Do

Since Uruguay is a country that is popular for its beaches, a lot of people traveling here for a holiday always look forward to water sports – Uruguay style.

Its various beaches offer plenty of options for water sports – Uruguay including surfing, swimming, sailing and fishing. Most travelers from other parts of the globe specifically visit Uruguay’s beaches for surfing opportunities.

Surfing therefore is one of the most favorite water sports – Uruguay that visitors look forward to when visiting its beaches.

Beaches that lie along the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, particularly in Punta del Este, La Paloma and Punta del Diablo offer plenty of water sports- Uruguay opportunities.

Punta del Este is perhaps the most popular tourist spot in the country with its beaches and casinos. Punta del Diablo on the other hand, is fast becoming just as popular as Punta del Este because of its waves that are great for surfing.

Playa Rivero and La Vidua in Punta del Diablo in particular offer plenty of surfing opportunities for guests.

Brief History

Considered as the “Switzerland of South America” because of its social benefits and democratic stability, Uruguay is tagged as one of the best places to live in among all the countries in the world.

Spanish colonization took place during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries during which time; the capital city of Montevideo was established as a stronghold for Spain’s military force.

By the nineteenth century, the country was caught in the middle when British, Portuguese and Spanish forces fought among themselves to gain power over Uruguay.

Today, the country’s political and labor conditions are considered as one of the most free in the entire continent.


Accommodations around Uruguay start at $16 per person, per night and may go up to $30 per person, per night for budget-friendly hotels and hostels.

On the other hand, more luxurious accommodations are pegged at $80 up to $175 per person, per night for upper-class hotels.

For dining out, you can get a full meal for as low as $3 per person.

Other Information

Uruguayan Peso is the unit of currency in the country. Changing foreign currencies and en-cashing traveler’s cheques is possible through the various local banks found in the country. Credits cards are likewise accepted as modes of payment.