Waterland and Zaan Region – Holland

The Waterland and Zaan Region is filled with many sightseeing spots that portray the stereotype image of the Netherlands. Everything from windmills to traditional houses can be seen in the region.


The region can be found in North Holland. This is at the west of the Netherlands. You can reach the place by train via Amsterdam Central. The train runs from all the stations in the region. You can also go on the Connexxion bus line 91 at Amsterdam Central Station.

What to See

There are several cities in the region, each with their own sightseeing spots. The Beemster Polder had dried by the 17th century and been well preserved. The settlements, dykes, roads and canals are worth checking out. Broek in Waterland is a beautiful village dating from the 19th century.

Edam on the other hand, is well known for its cheese market during the summer. The city is also known for the Great Church (De grote kerk), the town hall (Het stadhuis) and Carillion Tower (De Speeltoren).

Marken is another popular destination in the Waterland and Zaan Region. This island is admired for the old fashioned wood houses.


The Zaanstreek region is mainly made up of the Zaanstad municipality. The largest village is Zaandam. The others are Assendelft, Krommenie, Wormerveer, Zaandijk, Koog and Zaandam. The region evolved from the Zaan river banks. This was joined to the Amsterdam waterway.

Today, the region is marked by a blending of 19th century buildings and modern architecture. The main attractions are the wood houses and the windmills.

It is possible that this is the oldest industrial area on the planet. It was already thriving back in the 17th century. The paper industry also thrived during this period. The windmills were used to process food as well.


Trips to the Netherlands cost around 1200 USD if coming from the US. If you are going there, you have to check out the costs online. Many offer travel packages to the country at low rates.

Other Info

Monnickendam is a village dating from the 17th century. You can also visit Purmerend, which is more contemporary. Ransdorp is technically part of Amsterdam. But culturally, it is a component of this region. Volendam is a village built almost entirely around tourism.

When at the Waterland and Zaan Region, do not forget to visit Zaandam, as it is filled with the traditional Zaan houses. The Zaanse Schans is an interesting place owing to its windmills.