Wengen-Murren in Jungfrau – Switzerland

Wengen-Murren in Jungfrau is one of the most interesting places in Switzerland. As a traditional village, it is the place to visit if you want to relive the past.


This village can be found in Bernese Oberland. Located at an altitude of 1,650 m (5,413 ft.), there is no public road leading to it. To get there, go to Interlaken Ost station.

Get on the train to Lauterbrunnen and use the signs as a guide. To reach Grutschalp, you will ride on a cable car. Afterwards, you will ride on a train which will take you to Wengen-Murren in Jungfrau.

What to See

The village is famous for its awe inspiring views of the Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger mountains. Even while on the train, you will be rewarded with gorgeous vistas of the valley. The village is free of cars as well. One of the most popular activities here is to just take a stroll and view the mountains.

You can also take the cable car and head to the revolving eatery at Schilthorn. Aside from the food, the views are splendid. When you go to the valley you will also see the Trummelbach Falls. You can also visit StagerStubli for some delicious Swiss treats.


In its early years, the place was a farming village. However, the growth of tourism during both the winter and summer months would boost its prosperity. From 1911 onwards, tourism has played a role in increasing the wealth of the village. The first tourists to arrive were the British. 13 years later in 1924, the Kandahar Ski Club was established.

Four years later in 1928, the Inferno ski race was inaugurated. This event proved popular and continues to the present. Today, many people from all over the world come to this village. It is filled with tourists be it in summer or winter.


There are dozens of hotels and lodging places here. They range from affordable to moderate to the high end. If you want to indulge, expect to spend 200 Chf to 300 Chf for the room. But there are cheaper ones available.

Other Info

During winter, the place turns into a ski resort. There are many shops where you can rent ski equipment. You can also ride the Allmendhubel funicular.

Wengen-Murren in Jungfrau also has several mountain bikes. You can ride them back on the valley. There is a nice restaurant along the way where you can grab something to eat too.