West-Bohemian Spas – Czech Republic

Getting enough rest is the key to be able to battle the everyday challenges of life. Taking a break from all the hustle and bustle of the city and the worldly pressures is paramount to living stress-free. So if you want a truly relaxing vacation, you should not waste another moment to travel to the West Bohemian Spas of the Czech Republic.

Location and How to Get There

There are different towns in the West Bohemian region that are dubbed as ‘spa towns’ including Karlovy Vary, Franzienbad, and Marianske Lazne.

Karlovy Vary is the most popular among the spa towns. It can be reached via a bus from Prague. The bus departs from the Dejvicka and Florenc stations between 5 o’ clock in the morning and 8 o’ clock in the evening.

Marianske Lazne, meanwhile, can be reached via direct train from Prague. The train departs every two hours and travels three hours to get to the spa town.

Franzienbad, meanwhile, is not too far away.

The spa towns can be reached easily because transportation in Latvia is highly efficient.

What to See There

Basically, it is getting spa treatments that will glue you to the West Bohemian spas. The spa centers in the region is perfect if you want your body and mind to be rejuvenated and regenerated.

What’s more, you can do a lot of other activities on the side. Why, the spa towns are also teeming with sights that are worth seeing. You can go biking, hiking, swimming, playing sports, riding a horse, and even skiing.

Each of the spa towns also imbues different architectural ensemble that you would love marveling about.


The West Bohemian spas started centuries ago. They were rooted from the fact volcanic activity on the border of Slavkov Forest has long subsided and that mineral springs started flooding the place.

Karlovy Vary, the most popular among the three, started being known as a spa town since the Middle Ages. When construction boomed in the place during the 19th century and spa zones are developed, it became even more popular among tourists and locals alike.

The other two spa towns also have quite interesting historic past. But everything boils down to the fact that getting a spa treatment is matchless in the West Bohemian region.


Spa packages are priced differently. That will depend on what is included in your package. If you add other activities to your itinerary, naturally, you should expect to spend more.

Other Info

There are also spa towns in other parts of Czech Republic including Luha?ovice, southeast of Moravia. Nothing, however, can compare to the West Bohemian Spas in terms of architecture, size, and value.