West Lake in Hanoi – Vietnam


West Lake in Hanoi – Vietnam is located within the Ba Dinh District in Hanoi, Vietnam. The lake and the recreation center itself are not that hard to find since it is quite popular. A lot of the locals frequent the place for entertainment, food, and recreation. If you’re anywhere in Hanoi, all you have to do is hop on a taxi and ask to be brought here. The cab fare is about $2 on average.

What to See

The lake itself easy to see or locate since it is right smack in the center of Hanoi. It is also the largest lake in the entire area. The place is packed with hotels, villas, restaurants, and gardens. If you’re looking for some of home cooked meals or a good sample of the local Vietnamese cuisine then you might want to check out this area.

Since West Lake in Hanoi – Vietnam is a main place to go to then it should not come as a surprise to find the many hotels and accommodations in the surrounding area. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Hanoi then you might want to look into the West Lake area. The place has a lot of high-class accommodations expressed in a variety of architectural styles.

There are several pagodas that serve as a bit of a highlight to any visit. Visitors and guests to the area may tour the pagodas located here. Visitors may also rent one of the many boats available and take a romantic lake tour. To end your day, you may want to have dinner in one of the floating restaurants for an intimate dinner.

As anyone should expect, West Lake in Hanoi – Vietnam brings in fresh air into the city atmosphere. The lake is a quiet place for reflection, quiet time, and intimate moments. This quality is one of the reasons why people frequent the area after work.


West Lake in Hanoi – Vietnam is mentioned in many legends and folklore especially the tales that try to give the details of the origin of the lake. For example, one legend has it that the lake was formed after a mythical battle between a night tail fox spirit and Lac Long Quan.

This resulted in the shape of the lake. This is also the reason why some folks call the lake as Fox Corpse Swamp. The other folk stories also give details about the lake and its surrounding area. The lake received its current name in 1573, which remained as its official name up to the present.


Getting into the area of West Lake in Hanoi – Vietnam won’t cost a cent except for the really cheap taxi fare. However, if you intend to stay here then take note that hotel rates here range from $110 to $180. Sampling the food won’t harm your finances since meal prices are pretty much as affordable like in other places in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Other Info

This freshwater lake has a 17 kilometer shore length making it the largest lake in the nation’s capital. One of the attractions here is the Tran Quoc Pagoda, the oldest pagoda in the entire country, which was built in 6 AD.