Wolong Nature Preserve in Sichuan – China

The Wolong Nature Preserve in Sichuan is one of the most visited sites in China. The site was established by the government to save the panda.


The Preserve is located at the Wolong Valley. It is three hours away from Chengdu. It is at the east of Mt. Qionglai.

What to See

People of course, come to the site to see the pandas. You will see the animals as they eat their favorite food like bamboo, honey, eggs and fish. The Preserve currently has 150 pandas, with many more being raised. Those visiting the place have the chance to take photos of the baby pandas.

By giving a small donation, visitors can adopt a panda by naming them. There are also wildlife observation posts. These were specifically set up so tourists, explorers and animal lovers can see them at the Wolong Nature Preserve in Sichuan.

Today there are about 1,600 pandas in the world. Most of the adult pandas are 1.6m to 1.8m long while the weight is between 176 to 275 lbs. Majority of the pandas are usually seen in the mountainous areas. While known for its appetite for bamboo, they also eat meat.


The Preserve was set up in 1958. The Preserve covers an area over 200,000 hectares. It is the biggest panda reserve in the country. In 1980, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since the Preserve was developed, the number of pandas that survive have grown.

From a low rate of 30%, the survival rate reached 90% in 2003. The China Conservation and Research Center was set up in 1980 in cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Aside from keeping the pandas safe, scientists have also done research on how to prolong their lives. Since the site was established, it had become a popular tourist destination.


The entrance fee to the Panda Museum is CNY 30.

Other Info

The Preserve is home to other endangered species like gnu (Wildebeest) and the golden monkey. The site is also home to the Red Panda. Other animals you will see there are white-lipped deer (Cervus albirostris) and the beech and yew plants.

The Wolong Nature Preserve in Sichuan is also known for its plant specimen museum. The place is also known for the nice surroundings, particularity the mountains. Today, the place receives over 100,00 visitors a year. In spite of the number of visitors, the Preserve has been well kept.