Yalta in Crimea – Ukraine

Ukraine has become a popular vacation destination in Europe. The tourist attractions at Yalta have no doubt contributed to its popularity.


This is a small town located at the Peninsula of Crimea at Ukraine. The most convenient way to reach the town is by plane. Several airlines ply the routes that will take you to the peninsula.

What to See

The Armenian Church is located in the middle of the town atop the mini-Potemkin stairwell. The church is known for its arches and beautiful carvings. Once in the town, you should also take a stroll at Roosevelt Street.

There is also Chekov’s house, where the famous author wrote some stories. It is currently being repaired though. One of the popular tourist attractions at Yalta is the Nikita Botanical Garden. It is one of the oldest botanical gardens on the planet, having been operational since the 1800s. The beaches here are unique. Instead of sand, they have smooth pebbles.

Also worth visiting is the Livadia Palace. This used to be the vacation home of the Tsars. It was also the place where Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill met in 1945 to discuss the future of Europe. Also worth checking out is the Massandra Palace which is just on the outskirts of the town.


The earliest mention of the town was in the 12th century. An Arab geographer said it was a port at Byzantine. Eventually the town became part of the Genoese trading colonies. This probably took place in the 14th century. By this time the place was known as Galita. Crimea fell to the Ottoman Empire in 1475.

Under the Empire it became a semi-independent subject territory. The Russian empire took control of the town in 1783. This would culminate in the 1787-1792 Russo-Turkish War. By the 19th century, the town had become a favorite vacation spot for Russians. Aside from the Tsars, Tolstoy also spent time here.


A mini bus ride to the town costs 2 Euros. Taxi rides cost a lot more (20 Euros) but they are more comfortable.

Other Info

Just like the rest of Crimea, the town is well known for its red onions. You will also find several varieties of vodka here. They are plentiful and cheap.

After visiting the tourist attractions at Yalta, head over to the souvenir stores by the harbor’s far side. It is on the other side of a fast food center. You will be able to purchase inexpensive trinkets there.