Yap Islands – Micronesia

A trip to Yap in Micronesia is becoming increasingly popular. Its myriad attractions have made it a nice alternative to the usual places you may have visited.


The island makes up one of the four states of Micronesia. You can get to the island via commercial flights from Palau or Guam. You can get around by taxi or bus.

What to See

Visitors to the island can pay a visit to the villages on the island. There are also several beaches where you can go snorkeling and swimming. Their beaches are also a great place to go sunbathing and just relax. If you are into diving, you will fall in love with the aquatic life beneath its waters.

If you are going on a trip to Yap in Micronesia, you can go on a cruise as well. This will give you a great chance to explore the beauty of the island. Visitors to the island can also go sailing. The island is also known for its manta rays. You may spot them when you go diving.


The tourism industry began in 1989. Since then, the island has attracted a great deal of tourists. The island or state of Yap is comprised of 134 atolls and islands. They span an area of 100,000 sq miles. 22 of the islands are populated. The main island is composed of four volcanic islands. They make up 38 of the fifty square miles of the landmass.

Colonia, the commercial center, is found at Yap. Majority of the islands extending 600 miles to the east are atolls. These are scarcely populated. The currency on the island is the United States dollar. The time zone used is similar to the one used at Sydney.


You can have meals in the restaurants for 10 to 20 USD. If you prefer cheeseburgers and fast food, you can have them for 5 USD. Taxi fares cost about 1 USD.

Other Info

The island is known for its waves; if you are into surfing, you may want to try it out. One of the best things you can do while on the island is to mingle with the locals. This is the best way to get immersed in their culture.

When on a trip to Yap in Micronesia, make sure to follow their customs. You can only wear shorts at the beaches. Do not expose your thighs in public places; it is considered indecent.