Yolin Am – Mongolia

Yolin Am is one of the most amazing tourist spots in Mongolia.

Location and How to Get There

Yolin Am is about a few hours of drive away from the central part of Mongolia. To get there, you may use different transport options like car rentals, taxis, buses, and subways. Getting to and around the country is quite very easy since transportation is highly efficient.

Yolin Am is about 62 kilometers away from the northwestern part of Dalanzadgad. It is part of the famous Gobi desert.

What to See There

Yolin Am is basically a gorge filled with ice in the middle of the desert with a view of rocky cliffs and rolling hills. With such a description, you can tell how much of a fantastic view the site is.

Add to the allure of the place is the level of adventure you can enjoy there. The trip to Yolin Am is in fact, an adventure on its own. Before you get to your main goal, you can make a side trip to the museum at the park entrance. There you can browse different shops selling different goods on top of many different collections on display. The museum is basically nature-oriented. Among the displays you will surely appreciate there are dinosaur eggs and bones, a snow leopard, and some stuffed birds. After roaming around the museum, ou may also check out the yaks, which are all over the valleys, as another valuable side trip.

Yolin Am is ideal for trekking. Getting on the icy section of the gorge is a hiking adventure you wouldn’t ever forget.

There are a good number of animal species you will meet along the way. They are sure worth the trip because they improve the value of the trip ten-fold. Squirrels, sheep, goats, pika, some eagles, and a good number of small birds.


Yolin Am or the Eagle Valley has been a protected site since 1965. It is an integral part of Mongolian tourism.


There is no specified cost to travel to Yolin Am. However, you will have to allot some budget for transportation, for food, and of course, for entering the National park and its museum.

Other Info

From the museum to a car park, you will have to travel some 10 kilometers. From the car park to the ice valley, you will need some 25 minutes for your foot travel.

The ice in the gorge usually remains frozen for the whole year, except during late summers. You may walk through the ice but make sure that caution is taken seriously.