Zermatt in Visp – Switzerland

Zermatt in Visp, Switzerland is a mountain village famous for ski holidays. For most tourists, it is a special place that was blessed with all things good – from the Matterhorn Pyramid to the horse-drawn sleighs to the deep valleys and the steep mountains.

Location and How to Get There

Zermatt is conveniently located in Visp, a region that is accessible from both Geneva and Zurich international airports. From Geneva or Zurich, you may use the Swiss rail network to get to Zermatt. The three and a half hours to fours travel time will never allow you to get bored as there are many memorable and amusing sights you will see along the way.

Although traveling by train is quite popular, you may also choose to travel to Zermatt by road. Well-maintained and unclogged motorways will allow your journey to be swift and smooth. To get to your destination, you must drive south as far as Tasch. From there, you will have to travel the remaining seven kilometers by train as Zermatt is a no-car village.

What to See There

Zermatt is a beautiful sight. Its fresh and alpine atmosphere is very welcoming. The lifestyle of the locals is quite relaxed; too far from what you are accustomed to if you have been attached to the city life forever. Since there are no cars here, it is not unusual to see pedestrians along the streets – locals and tourists alike. The horse-drawn sleighs also make for a memorable sight; riding them makes for a memorable experience. If you do not like traveling by foot or by sleighs, there is another exciting option. That is, traveling by ski.

If you think traversing through the mountainous village is exciting enough, think again. That is but a small part of the adventure. There are a lot more things to do in Zermatt. You may explore the peakd of Matterhorn for some walk down memory lane.

Strolling around during the evenings is also a popular activity. It is quite delightful to explore the romantic alleyways, especially with a loved one on hand at night.

Eating out is another interesting undertaking. Prices at restaurants vary but they all taste delightfully the same. Menus are translated in English so guests will know what exactly they are dipping their mouth into.


Zermatt’s history started as early as far back as the 19th century. It was an English climber by the name of Edward Whymper who tried climbing Matterhorn a couple of times from the Italian side but only succeeded when he tried it from Zermatt. It used to unclimbable until Whymper and his company conquered it in 1865. Although the triumph was masked with tragedy as four out of the seven climbers descended to their deaths down north, fascination for Zermatt remained.


Traveling to Zermatt proposes varying costs, depending on your choice of accommodation, food, and transport. It also matters what kind of activities you want to undertake during your stay.

Other Info

Zermatt’s old allure remains – the unmistakable peak of Matterhorn.