Zofri in Iquique – Chile

Zofri is the business center of Iquique, Chile. It is where you can find a variety of merchandise – both imported and locally made – at very reasonable prices. It is also where imports and exports pass through in and out of Chile to neighboring countries like Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela.

Location and How to Get There

Zofri is located in Iquique, which is located at the western side of Atacama Desert.

It is quite easy to access Zofri because transportation in Iquique is very well-developed. It is served by an international airport that has regular flights from neighboring countries and other major cities in Chile.

Aside from traveling by plane, you may also travel by bus to Zofri. The main bus terminal is situated at the northern side of the city center. It serves many destinations not just around Chile but also from some cities in Bolivia.

What to See There

Market activity at Zofri is pretty lively. It has two sections, the wholesale section and the retail section.

It is at the wholesale section where you will find the importers and exporters of all kinds of goods. It receives products from all over the world and serves goods to a good number of countries as well. China is a major exporter of jewelry, toys, perfumes, food stuff, and electronics among others.

The retail section, on the other hand, is where you will find locals and tourists alike who are scouting for good buys. Local buyers are exempted to pay for the sales tax, which is about 19% of the price. That makes it a priority for locals to check out the products on sale at Mall Zofri.


Zofri was established in 1975. It was built in a total of 240 hectares of land area as a means to support the economic development of Iquique.


Zofra is famous not just for its wide array of cool gadgets but also for its tax-free goods that are made available even to foreign shoppers. It houses countless stalls and stores that sell an assortment of items. If you are to go on a serious shopping spree, expect to spend a good amount on your trip here as well.

It is, however, free of charge if your only intention is to explore the shopping area.

Other Info

Zofri plays a key role to Iquique’s current socio-economic status. That’s why it is considered as somewhat the “nation’s pride”. It is a must for any visiting tourist who would like to explore the best of Chile to take a trip to Zofri.