Tourist Spots in Paraguay

Paraguay can give an adventurous tourist a fantastic vacation if one knows what to look for. Here then are the top ten places to visit if vacationing in Paraguay.

Casa De La Independencia

This is one of the main tourist attractions in Paraguay. It is also located at the heart of the country. The name of the place can be translated to House of Independence. The site is also quite historic since it is the place where revolt against the Spanish began. The historical event thus justifies its moniker. Casa De La Independencia was built in 1774.

Panteon Nacional De Los Heroes

This tourist attraction consists of a plaza where visitors are given a tour of Paraguay’s society, culture, and history. If you’re a history and cultural buff then this is a must see place for you. You also get to see a few relics from the country’s past. You can get souvenirs from the many stalls dotting this complex.

Gran Hotel Del Paraguay

This is actually one of the oldest 19th century buildings in Paraguay. Despite its age, the hotel provides one of the best accommodations you’ll have around. The decor, furniture, and surroundings in this hotel reflect the country’s history pretty well. Your stay here is accentuated by a panoramic view of the city in the evening.

Iguassu Falls

This is one of the really picturesque tourist attractions in Paraguay. It is also named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It lies along the border of three countries, namely Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. The name can be translated to ‘great water’, which is quite descriptive of the scenic view you get when you visit here.

La Santisima Trinidad de Parana

This is one of the major tourist attractions in the country. It also goes by the name Holy Trinity of Parana. This site is actually named after one of the former Jesuit missions in the country. This site is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the places you should not fail to see.

Casa De Los Diputados

This is one of the country’s prime attractions. This building is now being used as a government building and is remarkably maintained. It used to be a military college in the country. It also served as one of the government’s former cultural centers. On a particular note, the building, at one point, was also used as a blood bank during one of the wars in the country.

Hydroelectric Plant

Construction of the Hydroelectric Plant began in 1975 and was eventually finished in the year 1991. It was built over the Panama River and is the largest operational power plant in the territory. It was constructed as a joint effort with the nation of Brazil. This power plant provided more than three quarters of the total electricity needs of the country in 1995.

Museo Del Barrio

This museum is one of the sought after places among tourists who visit the country. This museum actually features the indigenous art of the nation. It is quite accessible and easy to find since it is in the country’s capital.


The nation’s capital is elegantly situated along the Asuncion Bay, which is an inlet of the Paraguay River. It still retains the original Spanish theme since it was constructed according to the colonial grid system. It features plazas and parks beautifully landscaped with the waterfront as an added touch to the scenery.

The Central Circuit

If you want to visit as many tourist attractions in the country in one trip then head off to the Central Circuit. It is a route that stretches to 200 kilometers and will easily take you through a lot of the country’s tourist spots.