Tourist Spots in Algeria

The tourism sector is a contributor to the gross domestic product of Algeria. The country receives approximately 200,000 tourists every year. To make your stay in the country more memorable, it is best to see the top 10 tourist spots in Algeria.

Monument des Martyrs

Situated at Algiers, Monument des Martyrs is a monument created to commemorate the Algerian war for Independence. The monument features palm leaves and the Eternal Flame shelter. There are statues of soldiers on top of the leaves, which symbolize the struggles of Algerians during the war.

M’Zab Valley

Listed one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Algeria, the M’Zab Valley is found at the Ghardaia wilaya. The valley features traditional settlements such as the ksour of Bou Noura. Tourists can also visit nearby attractions like the walled villages, ancient mosques and a watchtower.

Al Qal’a of Beni Hammad

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site in the country is the Al Qal’a of Beni Hammad in the southeast part of Algiers. It is a historic spot because the place is Hammadid empire’s first capital. One of the notable places to see at the site is a large mosque.


If you want to know more about then history of the place, it is best to visit the mountain village of Djemila in the northern part of Algiers. The structures that can be seen in the village include basilicas, arches, temples and a theater. Notable people born at the village include Britannia Governor Lucius Alfenus Senecio.


Tipaza is the Tipaza province’s capital, which is known for Roman ruins and a sandy beach. The nice sightseeing views at the place include the Christian church vestiges and the Corne d’or Tourist Complex. To learn more about the history of the place, it is best to visit the Tipaza Museum.

Santa Cruz Castle

The Santa Cruz Castle in Algiers features the Spanish and French culture. Near the castle is an ancient church protected by Algerian soldiers. The castle also offers a refreshing sightseeing view of Santa Cruz mountains.

Belzma National Park

One of the most famous and interesting national parks in the country, the Belzma National Park is found at the province of Batna. The park has a length of 262.5 kilometers. The site plays home to 447 flora species as well as 309 fauna species.


Tebessa is an industrialized city in the province of Tebessa. The place has a historic value because it is the first town where Numidians settled. At the city, tourists can find numerous attractive sites such as the remains of Saint Crispinus Basilica and the Gate of Caracalla.


Included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Timgad is a colonial town of Romans situated near Batna. Tourists can find historic structures and buildings at the town including the Capitoline Temple and the Trajan’s Arch. Other structures at the town are the basilica, a library and thermae.

Great Mosque of Tlemcen

The mosque was constructed in 1082. The building depicts the Almoravid architecture. Inside the mosque, people can find a special area with minaret. Tourists can see Muslims praying and worshipping when they visit the mosque.

By visiting the top 10 tourist spots in Algeria, travelers will increase their knowledge on Algerian culture. In addition, these places are also important not just to the history of Algeria but also to the world history.