Red Castle in Tripoli – Libya

Also known as the As Sarai al Hamra, the Red Castle in Tripoli is one of the many attractions in Libya. The many features in this ancient palace have made it a staple in travel tours around the country.

How to Get There

The castle is located in the heart of Tripoli, the country’s capital. The city is in the Tarabulus district. It is one of the 22 first level subdivisions in the country. From the hotel, you can take one of the many taxis passing by. Just tell the driver to take you to the castle. Don’t be confused if the locals refer to it as the Tripoli Castle.

What to See

There are many attractions in the fortress. The most prominent is the Jamahiriya Museum. The museum is known for its vast collection of mosaics and relics. It has an extensive collection of Roman sculptures.

Many of the archaeological discoveries in the country are kept there. Going around the museum, the influence of Roman style and architecture can be seen.

The Red Castle in Tripoli is set near the old city’s waterfront, providing lovely views of the area. Different rulers stayed in the citadel. This has helped give it unique and different styles. During ancient times, the citadel’s sides were surrounded by waters.

Today however, the water can be found on one side only. Because of its location, a trip to the citadel makes it easy to go to other tourist attractions in the area.


The site occupies an area over 13,000 sq m. Archeological evidence shows that it dates from the Roman times. The castle in the middle was constructed by the Knights of St John of Malta. The fortress is placed on a Roman castrum.

During its long history, different people ruled over it. It was never subject to foreign occupation until it came under Italian rule. During this time, the edifice was placed under the Department of Antiquities.


There is no entrance fee to the citadel. However, you will have tospend for the taxi fare. These start at 2 LYD and go up. If you want to take the bus, the charge starts at 0.50 LYD. If you have a tour provider, the charge may be different.

If you are going to visit the Red Castle in Tripoli, don’t forget to visit the nearby attractions. These include the Medina, the Gurgi Mosque and the Green Square. ?