Eastern Highlands – Papua New Guinea

The tourist attractions at the Eastern Highlands in Papua New Guinea offer some of the most enticing sights and activities in the country. Those who want to experience a bit of an adventure will very likely feel at home here.


The Highlands is a province in Papua New Guinea. The main entryway is by way of Kassam Pass. The main exit is through Daulo Pass which will take you to the provinces close by.

What to See

The Kassam Pass has a splendid vista of the Ramu and Markham valleys. For a good view of the valleys of Goroka, there is Daulo Pass. The town itself is a nice place to take a stroll. You can also drop by the market on Saturdays. It is a good time to buy fruits, vegetables meat and mingle with the locals.

One of the most popular tourist attractions at the Eastern Highlands in Papua New Guinea is the Raun Raun Theater. The JK McCarthy Museum is a storehouse of war memorabilia, weapons, pottery and other artifacts. The museum is along Morchhauser Street.


The earliest inhabitants in the area settled in 18,000 years ago. They inhabited the Lamari valley. 11,000 years ago, the Kaliavana, Asaro Valley was inhabited. Trade began around 9,000 years ago. In 1927, the Lutheran missionaries came to the land. By the 1930s, Australian gold inspectors had arrived.

The province would later serve as a base of the Allies during World War II. In 1943, Goroka was bombed by the Japanese. It was during the 1950s when arabica started being grown. This practice was started by the expats living in the area. This would prove beneficial to the economy of the country.


You will have to spend at least 300 USD if you want to stay at the more luxurious hotels in the area. The cost of airfares will depend on where you are flying in from.

Other Info

If you are interested in seeing more artifacts, check out the Bird of Paradise Hotel, Prison Rehab Shop and the Christian Bookshop. Another good place to visit is the art department of University of Goroka Teachers College.

One of the main tourist attractions at the Eastern Highlands in Papua New Guinea is the annual PNG Coffee Festival & Trade Fair. The festival takes place in May.

Another festival is held in September where the participants appear clad in colorful costumes. There is plenty of singing, dancing and cultural shows.